Need Some Advice Regarding a Custard Cake filling

I am making strawberry shortcake for my boyfriend's birthday, which
is tomorrow. The cake layers came out fine, beautiful actually, which
is rare as my oven is very tempermental! I wanted to dress up the cake
by having a light, creamy custard style filling for the cake, so I
found a recipe for cream puff filling and made it. Although VERY
tasty, it does seem quite thick and glue-y. I think this would be
great as pudding, but I'm not sure if it's the right consistency for
my creamy layer of filling.
I was thinking of perhaps incorporating some whipped cream into the
custard to give it a lighter consistency but I've never tried anything
like that before. If I whip the cream and then add a bit of the
whipped cream to the custard, and give it a quick whirl with the
mixer, what will happen?
I'm going to assemble the cake in the morning, so hopefully I can get
some info before then. Otherwise, if the custard just doesn't seem
right (it hadn't come to the chill yet so I'm not sure what the final
result will be) I'll either try again, (time permitting) or skip it
and just do the whipped cream on the inside as well as on the
Any experiences or info would be greatly appreciated!
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