Not enough rise

For some reason the bread I try to make in a break maker is not rising enough. Actually, I made maybe twenty test breads and only one time did it rise enough. I don't recall doing anything different that time.
Is there a way to tell whether the yeast is too old, temperature is incorrect, or other reason by examining the bread?
The bread is simple:
1 cup bread flour 2 tbsp yeast 5 tbsp sugar 1 tbsp salt 1 egg some butter just enough water to make a dough ball (less than 1/4 cup)
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I would guess that the yeast is too old James. I would run to the store and pick up some new yeast to see if that does the trick.
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Prison Mike
In article ,
Fleischman's never worked well for me. Now I buy what ever bulk yeast they have in the health section of the market or in those little see-through plastic containers.
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Ummm... yeah that is a common problem... u can try ading in more water
MAy be, u can find a soultion on this blog written by a traveller, who loves food frm different destinations - 'The Dark Truth'
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Old Hound
Where did the recipe originate? I've never seen a bread recipe with a single cup of flour!
gloria p
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Gloria P

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