Pecan swirl cake recipe needed

Hi all,
I saw a cake named "Pecan Swirl Cake" that I wanted to try to make myself,
but I'm unsure about some things. It looked basically like this:
Cake with the consistency of a danish spread out on a jelly roll pan.. then
some filling consisting of pecan halves, no doubt sugar, and some butter or
syrup.... then it's all rolled up and smushed into a loaf pan.
I'm not too sure about if I'm on the right track with the filling, and I'm
also not sure about a recipe for the danish-like cake... maybe it should be
made a bit more cakey? Also, when exactly to do the baking is another
thing. Do I bake it on the jelly roll pan, or do I carefully put it in the
loaf pan then bake it? Or do both maybe?
I figure I'll inevitably screw up once, but I'm hoping you guys can help me
not waste good pecans :)
Thanks for any help you can offer.
- Scott
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Scott Danzig
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