Polynesian Gooey Butter Cake Ideas?

After watching on of Paula Deen's thanksgiving shows, where she made a
Pumpkin version, I realized that I could have fun developing new flavors.
Well, since I'm in Culinary school now, I decided to take a few of them in
to class Monday. One of the students that is graduating soon asked me
about developing a few for their graduation party, sure, why not. Okay,
the theme of the party is Polynesian. Bout the only 3 flavors I associate
with that theme are Pinapple, Coconut & Banana, some Searching yeilded
Papaya as one too. Now Pinapple and Papaya are pretty wet fruits, so I
don't know how well they'd do in this application. Macadamia was also
suggested, but I don't know what would be a good flavor to pair it up with.
So, any suggestions of flavors? I'll share the recipes when I get them
done :)
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Mike H
I would try Pineapple and macadamia, they go well together, and I think would make a good cake. Rosie
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Ranee Mueller wrote in news:raneemdonot- snipped-for-privacy@news.isp.giganews.com:
I'm gonna try "Dark Chocolate w/ Coconut & Macadamias" "Pinapple" and maybe "Papaya Strawberry"
I think... Depends on what the "client" thinks of those ideas.
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Mike H
Can use the dried version of the fruit to control"wetness". Would be interested in the recipes.
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Hi Mike--I made a Gooey Butter Cake using a Duncan Hines Pinapple Supreme cake mix. It turned out great. --r3
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"tsr3" wrote in news:1150325710.462196.147030 @r2g2000cwb.googlegroups.com:
Great to know. They picked:
Pineapple Coconut which I'll make two variations of, one iwth Pinapple Supreme and one with Coconut Supreme.
Orange Mango which I'll use a yellow mix on...
Dark Chocolate Macadamia w/ Coconut: devils food cake base. I'm also using the Special Dark Cocoa.
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Mike H
Dennis wrote in news:qNCdnavItrXlFw3ZnZ2dnUVZ snipped-for-privacy@comcast.com:
Actually, the solution, based on Paula Dean's recipe in the Lady & Son's Cookbook is a 3rd egg in the filling. Guess it adds enough emulsifers to set the filling up.
I'll start working on the first batch tonight or tomorrow.
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Mike H
Here are Paula's variations:
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would make a custard from pineapple juice, an egg, cornstarch and alittle milk - cook until thickened and let cool. I would spread thatover the basic cake recipe and then add a layer of pineapple coatedwith pineapple preserves - chill - and then before serving, top withwhipped cream, toasted coconut, and chopped macadamias. -L.
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