Powdered Sugar Needs

I have made my own powdered sugar very easily!
Put needed amount (up to 3/4 cup at a time) in the blender.
Turn on FASTEST SPEED and let run for about 30 - 45
seconds. This will usually result in a talcum powder
consistency. Works fine for all needs I have had.
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Michael Bohl
some call it "confectioner's sugar." It's used in various recipes including icing, frosting, cookies...
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I'm fairly sure that Vox knows that. The question is *why* use the home-made version when there's usually no reason why the storebought stuff isn't usable.
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Jenn Ridley
Yes, but I was asking the OP what HE used the sugar ground in the blender for. He said it met his needs. I grind sugar to reduce particle size if I am making an "important" cake batter (wedding of a relative, for example) but have never produced anything close to the consistency of commercially available confectioner's sugar. The stuff I've produce wouldn't be good for frosting. That's why I was asking. Furthermore, when I do need confectioner's sugar, I often need two pounds or more. I can't imagine grinding 10 cups+ of sugar in the blender!
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Vox Humana
"Jenn Ridley" > I'd also like to point out, for the many new posters on this
I prefer reading top posted replies because I hate wading through the post before finding the reply, so I replied that way too. Sorry, I misunderstood Vox's meaning in his/her reply. ~Peggy
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