Tips on making a spherical cake!

Some real expertise out here I thought I'd try to tap. I'm trying to make a cake in the shape of the earth. Past attempts have involved me pouring both halves of the batter into hemispheric glass pyrex bowls and then cutting off the rounded tops and connecting the two halves into a (well, obloid) sphere. Then I frost with blue for the ocean and paint on green for land (plus white for clouds etc)
Fun! But problem: the cake's consistency. I need some more toughness, i think, because the bottom half can get smooshed. Or it can fall apart. Any suggestions? I've been using betty crocker cake mix (don't hate me!)
Thanks, Eli
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eli kintisch
You need to use support between the hemispheres, such as one would between layers of a wedding cake. There are many websites that describe this.
You have the additional problem of wanting your shape spherical. you may want to place the sphere on a cake layer to be able to build the foundation of your support.
And yes, cake mixes do make for very soft cake, which can make supporting it a tad more tricky.
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Boron Elgar
I maybe stepping out of line, being new here. But what about the baseball mold Wilton has. Its about the size of a want to say a regular baseball , so that may be a problem. Comes with a stand if I am not mistaken. I'd looked into getting one for a totally different cake mission.
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