Wanted: Carrot Cake Recipe

Greetings fellow bakers,
I have been asked to make a carrot cake for my sister-in-law. She has some
requests which are making it a little difficult for me. I hope someone
here can provide me with a recipe that will meet her needs.
Obviously, it should be moist. She does not want oranges, raisins or
pineapple in the thing. Additionally, people with nut allergies will be
consuming it. So no nuts. There has also been a request for it to be spicy
(nutmeg, all spice, cloves, etc.).
She also wants it to be trimmed with gingerbread men. I have a good recipe
for gingerbread. My smallest cutter is around 3.5 inches high so the cake
should be around 3.5 inches high.
Finally, it should serve 50 people... it is her wedding cake. The wedding
is January 6th, 2004. This means I have to have it done by then.
Obviously, I'll want to do a trial run before the wedding.
Thanks in advance,
Darrell Grainger
P.S. Because the wedding is on a Tuesday and I work full time, I'd like to
make the cake on Sunday night. Will it last for two days?
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Darrell Grainger
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Personally, I'd run screaming in the opposite direction. Could she have given you any less notice?!
Does she want a carrot cake or a spice cake? Round or sheet? Multilayered? What kind of icing? Trimmed with gingerbread men?! How about a gingerbread cake, then?
There is a tomato-based spice cake that might fit the bill. It would also hold well and become moister by the big day. It could still be a problem, though, if you're dealing with allergies.
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I did a google search and came up with this site. Check out this recipe. You might cut down on the cooking oil called for, and add applesauce for moistness.
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Normally she would have given me more time. We all knew she was getting married but she didn't expect to get married within the next year. Unfortunately, her fiance is back from the army for Christmas. He got his orders and he is getting shipped to Afganistan. He will not be back for a while; they decided that they will get married before he gets shipped out.
She is trying to satisfy everyone. Some want it a little spicy (not just cinnamon; maybe all spice, nutmeg, etc.). They are not sure exactly what they want. No nuts is a must as a few people in the family have very serious nut allergies.
Because of the short notice she is not picky about the shape of the cake. I have a recipe for gingerbread cookies that she loves. She thinks it would look cute to have gingerbread men covering the sides of the cake. I think she would be okay if I had to make one cake that looks good and one that is just a layer cake or a bunch of square cakes and one that is for display.
No one has tomato allergies. There is only shellfish and nut allergies. The people will shellfish allergies are not serious enough for anyone to care. There are people who have anaphylactic shock if exposed to nuts.
Someone has been good enough to send me a link to a recipe that seems to meet my needs. It is
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I am offwork for a week. I'm going to be be taking this week to do a littleexperimenting. Any friend not going to the wedding gets to try myexperiments (I don't want the wedding guests to be sick of carrot cake bynext week).
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