What to do with 12 egg yolks?

I have a recipe for an angel food cake that calls for a dozen egg
whites but I'm wondering if anyone has an idea of what I could do with
the leftover egg yolks? Anyone have a custard recipe or something that
would use them?
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you need lots of egg yolks for baked cheesecake (about 6 for 2 packs of cream cheese. There are loads of recipes on the net.
Also you can make vanilla custard and freeze it = ice cream
hollandaise sauce?
all if which it must be said are definitely NOT low calorie.
guess how high my weight is!
I usually have more whites than yolks leftover.
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Ian & Hilda Dedic
I have a simple egg custard recipe u can try... 200ml fresh milk, 2pcs screwpine leaves +caster sugar(to ur taste)- boil until sugar dissolve then leave to cool(room temperature)..then.... Whip in 6 egg yolks & 2tbps of ginger juice (don't whip too much..jus mixture combine like batter)-then sieve it into small china bowl. Now u can steam for around 30minit depend on ur china bowl size.... sweet egg custard...have a nice try....
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