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proofing yeast
I need to add yeast to cut bananas to make food for my Drosophila fruit flies. Currently, what I do is combine 1/2 teaspoon calcium propionate, 3 teaspoons cream of tartar, 2 tablespoons water, and 1...
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Chocolate cake in pressure cooker
I have all the ingredients done and batter prepared. Problem is how to define the flame level and time required to get a perfectly baked cake. Thanks in advance.
7 years ago
DIY Superman Logo Bread
Chris-Rachael Oseland of Kitchen Overload has made a tutorial on how to make your own Superman logo bread. It doesn't seem too complicated either so it seems like a great kitchen craft to do with your...
7 years ago
Where can i get a edible picture printed in sf?
hi all, I want to get a edible picture printed. I called a couple of bakeries and they said they don't do it. Has anyone got this done before? Thanks Tejal
7 years ago
Banana Split Fritters
To make crapsoup's deep fried ice cream delights, first bore out the centers of several green bananas. Fill the hole inside with sliced fresh cherries and chocolate syrup. Wet the bananas in an egg...
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What is an "egg" actually doing in a flour recipe (onion rings) anyway?
My kid and I am just learning how to cook, and I keep seeing these recipes that call for "an egg". For example, we were making onion rings today and found this: Seems to me, except for the seasoning,...
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holes in cinnamon raisin bread
When making a loaf of cinnamon bread I do the mixing of the dough in my bread machine. When that is complete I roll out the dough and add a mixture of cinnamon, sugar, and brown sugar then roll the...
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How to Cook Almond Soup
hi Almond Soup or Looz Shorba is a deliciously rich and creamy almond soup with a wonderfully sweet flavour. Make sure the almonds are really fresh for the best result. if anybody make this food, tell...
7 years ago
I am having problems with blowouts in my hoagie rolls. The hoagies that I use are sent in and I proof them all night on five channel pans on a rack covered in plastic. Then in the morning I proof them...
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Top 5 local dessert that you have best eaten
Hi! I'm sheenalyn, and this is my first post. Well, for me my top 5 local dessert that I have eaten were the following : 1. Bibingka or Rice Cake 2. Leche Flan 3. Puto (Steamed Rice Cake) 4. Sapin -...
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Hello all you foodies out is everyone doing?? Hello Mark. Welcome. I am doing fine. How have you been?
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Re: A few quick questions on baking.
i can't help but maybe someone else have idea
7 years ago
Breadmaking query
I notice some recipes (but not all) require the dough to rest (for 20 mins) after the first rise. But won't this interrupt the final rise or overstretch the gluten strands? I don't have any idea about...
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Question about tart apples for pies
We are making apple pies and normaly I Jonamac apples, wehich are sweet apples; and this si what we like in a pie. However, my son and wnat and baught Macintos portland, which is too tart for us. Is...
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Can you tell what type of bread this is by the description I give? NEED HELP!
This is my grandmother's recipe she would make this dessert every Christmas and it is everyone's can't make it anymore because she is too ill and can't remember. No one else in the family knows what...
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