Irish soda bread (again)

Many moons ago I posted the URL of a video that one of our students had
made of his mother making Irish soda bread the traditional way. The link
got changed in a web reord, but I posted it again in its new form.
Embarrassinlg ynow that I have retired, it's gone again ? and worse, I
can't find any trace of either of my posts in the Google Groups Usenet
archives, which is weird (or maybe my memory lacks the right keywords).
If anyone still has either of those posts I'd be grateful for a copy.
Either way, I still have the video, and the Dept of Irish still have the
gold master, so it will eventually be put on YouTube. In the meantime I
have arranged for it to be available for download at
formatting link
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Peter Flynn
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On Thu, 12 Nov 2020 14:27:12 +0000, Peter Flynn wrote:
This video has always delighted me. I have adored it for years.
Thanks for linking.
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Boron Elgar
I've found one of your posts in my archive from 2 Oct 2019.
Would you like me to email you the text file or to post the meat (leaving out the headers) of the post here?
Nyssa, who has the oddest things saved in her various Usenet text file archives spread across several machines and decades
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Thank you! Those dates have expired from my upstream provider's cache. As the URI would now be misleading, perhaps if you could email me the message with its headers, that would be great.
I too, but this one escaped the fine-mesh filter.
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Peter Flynn
File sent!
If anyone else wants a copy, just shoot me an email and I'll send it out as a text attachment.
Nyssa, who really should organize her massive amount of saved posts at least into some sub-directories according to topic
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