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Problem with formula for "Hard Dinner Rolls"
I tried a formula for "Hard Dinner Rolls" which goes like the following: 3.0 lb Water 55.00% 3.0 oz Fresh yeast 3.50% 5.5 lb Bread flour 100.00% 2.0 oz Salt 2.25% 2.0 oz Sugar 2.25% 2.0 oz Shortening...
14 years ago 13
Teflon coating
I am new to this group, I would like to ask advice from experienced chefs. I have read recently that the teflon coating (non-stick coating) on frypans gives off a harmful gas when the pan is on a high...
14 years ago 3
fig cake
Hi - I recently purchased fig cake with almonds and am afraid it is going to dry out before I am able to eat it all :o) It is actually more like a bread and was wondering if it can be wrapped in...
14 years ago 3
The perfect chicken Roulade
The other day, I tried to do a chicken breast roll-up. I butterflyed the breast, then flattened it out with a food mallet and finally stuffed it with prawns and rolled it in puff pastry. However it is...
14 years ago
Can I modify a bread recipe to use "the sponge method"
hey, folks. I am enjoying Greg Patent's "Baking in America". Great bread recipes turn out super every time. Most of his bread recipes use "the sponge method". But several do not. Do you think I can...
14 years ago 2
Seamless frosting
I have been asked by a retailer to come up with a promotion involving a small loaf cake, preferably chocolate, and covering it with a white frosting that just kind of pours over the cake so that I...
14 years ago 2
Rolled-In Dough vs. Laminated
Is there a distinction between the terms "rolled-in" dough and "laminated" dough? Or are they just different words that mean exactly the same thing? Thanks Rich Hollenbeck Moreno Valley, CA They're...
14 years ago 1
Good breadmaker for the home?
Any suggestions? I am mainly interested in making whole-wheat and cheese bread. My old crappy one finally died. -L. Zojirushi Which one died....the whole wheat or the cheese?
14 years ago 2
manual for Toastmaster "BreadBox" Bread Maker Model # 1194
Does anybody know where I could find a manual online for the Toastmaster "BreadBox" Bread Maker Model # 1194? Your help is appreciated, and thanks in advance! I wrote the company, and they sent the...
14 years ago 1
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14 years ago
A great onestop spot
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14 years ago
Shrinking pie crust
How can I prevent a pie crust from shrinking when it's baked without a filling (pre-baked)? Do a Google search for the term "baking blind" There are several ways to prevent this. One is to prick the...
14 years ago 7
Thanks to Vox Humana - Pizza Stone help
I made a pizza today following your advice regarding pre-cooking the crust and also maxing out the oven temp. Delicious! Thanks for the advice! H. You're welcome. I tried every combination, and that...
14 years ago 1
how to resize/retool butter cake recipe?
Hi All-- First post to this newsgroup. I want a nice, generic butter cake recipe that will fit into a 10" springform pan. 10" seems to be a nice size to serve 8. I usually serve this type of cake...
14 years ago 11
Bread today...
Pastorio In article , Looks Good! Enjoy! You worked for it. H.
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