Fat-free, whole wheat pie crust?

My wife and I have changed to a low-fat, high fiber lifestyle.
Last night we pulled out one of our favorite recipes from our "fat
days," chicken pot pie.
We set out to modify it by reducing the butter (from 1/3 c to 2 TBS)
and used fat-free evaporated milk.
However, we weren't sure if we could reduce the butter in the crust
itself, so we left it alone.
My wife made whole wheat pie crust, but left in the entire stick of
Can we use less fat, or is that too tall an order when it comes to pie
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If quiche is pie to you, or close enough, you might try a dough made from flour, salt, quark and a little oil. I'm afraid I don't ahve any quantities for you, I always eyeball it and go by the feel of the dough. I usually don't use any leavening, but sometimes a little baking powder.
If quark is hard to find in you part of the world, you might consider low fat ricotta, or drained yogurt (yogurt cheese, very easy to make from plain yogurt). But I have no experience with those.
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