Problem w/ pie crust

Practice has finally produced a flavorful and flaky pie crust, but
I still have one remaining problem: the top crust tents and sets
during baking. The filling (basic apple) expands, taking the crust up
with it, but it contracts as it cools, leaving a void between the
filling and top crust and making for a difficult cut. Any suggstions
on how to prevent this?
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On 6 Jun 2005 07:43:54 -0700
I doubt that the filling itself expands, though it does settle.
More than likely it's a steam issue. Try venting it.
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Eric Jorgensen
On Mon 06 Jun 2005 08:21:18a, Eric Jorgensen wrote in
Another thing that may contribute to the problem is a pastry that isn't short enough. What is your ratio of fat to flour?
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Wayne Boatwright
That is a very common occurrence. I like to mound the filling very high, and that can result in a big void. I find that the crust sets and then the filling shrinks.
The best way I know of to avoid the space is to pre-cook the filling. I use a technique borrowed from Rose Beranbaum's "Pie and Pasty Bible." Take your fruit, sugar and any salt or lemon juice and toss together. Let that sit for 30 to 60 minutes. Place the fruit and liquids into a large skillet and cook until the fruit is slightly tender and the liquid is reduced to a thick syrup. Toss with your thickening agent (you won't need as much since a lot of the water has evaporated) and spices and let cool. When the mixture has reached room temperature, you can fill the pastry lined pie pan and cover with the top crust. Bake as usual immediately. The fruit can be cooked a day ahead and you can also prepare the pastry ahead and assemble and bake the pie the day you need it. This not only eliminates the space, but it help keep the bottom crust dry.
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Vox Humana
You notice "pictures" of fruit pies often have "criss-cross" top crusts? It's a functional top rather than a "look". Also, I always cook the filling before I put it in the shell, all (most) of the expansion is done by the time it gets up to cooked temp.
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