Shrinking pie crust

There are several ways to prevent this. One is to prick the crust, then fill it with dried beans, or pie beads, which are made from ceramic. There is also a chain of beans (google for cooks catalogs) that you can place at the bottom to keep the crust from puffing up and shrinking.
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The problem can start sooner than that. When putting the dough into the plate, it can't be stretched or it will shrink. It's difficult to explain, but easy to deal with.
Drape the dough over the plate and lift the edges to lower the center into the plate rather than pressing it down. Press (very gently) the dough out from the center while lifting the edges and feeding in however much dough is needed to make it fit. When you get to the bottom of the slope, lift the edges and very gently push the dough down into the plate, rather than stretching it out from the center. Do that all the way around. Trim and decorate to suit yourself.
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Bob (this one)
line your unbaked crust with foil after using a fork to prick thecrust all over. Add dry beans or pie weights and bake usually I think 20 mins to 30 but I can't remember for sure. wendy
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Also allow the crust to rest in the fridge after rolling it out but prior to fitting it into the pie pan. Rested it won't tend to unstretch.
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Mr Libido Incognito
Ahhh.... Now THAT'S what I was looking for. I learned to weigh the crust down to prevent "puffing" a long time ago. The sides continue to shrink down (usually unevenly) despite weights. I am always very careful to avoid stretching the dough but some may be unavoidable. How do you recommend fitting it into fridge? Folded? Ken
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