How to use your hermit crab's old home...

I found this for you, Starlia!
This is on a site belonging to a needlework friend of mine:
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It's hilarious. And if you have a chance, take a look at her work, she's stunning and a great person too. Dare I say you could put beads on the ends of the pins and use it for a bead display?
Oh, yeah, she's never seen lampwork before, but I think I may have changed
that. *evil grin*
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Shoot! I thought you were talking about the hermit crab's CAGE and I was envisioning beading that! LOL Well why not? It might be cool. I just happen to have one on my carport, left over from a poor crab who didn't make the transition inland very well. HMMMM, as if I needed another project to get involved in right now! But I COULD take wire and put beads on it and twist it around, and make a basket or container of some time. I like the idea of recycling it instead of tossing it!
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