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Mirror mirror on the wall ... who's the Tidbitiest of them all?
Ah Monsieur Benjamin. Eet eez you ... but of course.
I digress for an instant to speak of one of the greatest writer's in
American literature. Of course ... this is only one man's opinion. It
is said that when William Burroughs (Naked Lunch, Junkie, etc.) walked
into a room filled with writers ... a hush came over the crowd ... a
hush born of veneration. It is also said that Mr. Burroughs
experimented with mirror gazing, the concept being that if he stared
at himself long enough he would eventually see himself as he was in a
previous incarnation. It is also said that a friend saw him at his
labors ... looked into the mirror ... and saw the face of a different
person entirely.
One might think at this point that it might be appropriate for me to
now bring up the topic of my image of a framed mirror. If one thought
that however ... one would be wrong.
There is an old tradition that states that if one writes on a convex
mirror with blood and then hold the mirror up to the moon ... your
destiny would then be written on the moon. There is no mention if a
telescope would then be needed or if the writing would be large enough
for even the most near-sighted of us all. Sigh. Every legend seems to
have its flaws.
It is also said that if a young lady eats and apple in front of a
mirror with her eyes closed ... then suddenly opens them ... she will
see reflected over her shoulder her future husbands. Crystal gazers
beware. Your days are numbered.
And then ... lastly ... there is the art of catoptromancy (mirror
divination) practiced in ancient times. Dip a metal mirror in water
... hold the dripping thing in front of the face of a sick person ...
and if the image is blurred ... sick person shall die ... and if the
image is clear ... sick person shall live. Question here is ... how
the devil does one get a clear image on a mirror dripping with water.
And what if the water is muddy ... what then? These are questions to
be pondered by those serious in their efforts to become adept
And so ... now ... finally ... the mirror in the frame. It is truly
quite attractive. And I have said all I have to say about the mirror.
Ah ... but the frame ... now that's something else. It is made of gold
with the center and edges decorated with delicately carved foliate and
scroll motifs. It has pearls and rubies and emeralds and turquoises.
It has a rectangular- shaped emerald on top. It was made circa 1830.
It was worth over $9000 about nine years ago. This item does not show
with a mirror. I put the mirror in because I am aspiring one day to
become a catoptromancier. One can never have too much knowledge. And
one can never know when this skill might come in handy. Double Trouble
Cauldron Bubble ....
So. Ya wanna see?
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