Help with Viking Customizing

I am trying to help my mom out here. She has a legal copy of the Viking
Customizing system, including the dongle. The problem is that my brother
uninstalled the system from her computer (don't ask) and now he seems to have
lost the disk. Is there any way to replace the disk? Or someplace where she
can purchase the program again? Or do we have to buy everything again?
Also, when we are able to reinstall this program, is the dongle going to
interfere with any other programs? I know this may sound like a stupid
question, but I think that may be why my brother uninstalled it, and my machine
doesn't use one.
I hope somebody can help us out here. Mom is computer illiterate, so she can't
install this program, but she is able to use it once it's been installed for
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As the dongle is effectively the licence for this program, you could try just asking for a copy of the program to download or Husq may charge you the price of a CD? It's worth an E-Mail to Husq or you can ask on one of the appropriate newsgroups for someone to post a copy for you.
Which version do you need - is it System 5 or is it a more up to date version?
The dongle should not interfere with anything esle on the computer, it is 'simply' a piece of hardware with a licence key that is attached to a port on the computer - other pieces of hardware can be attached to the dongle and the port used as normal.
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