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Calico Cat & Special
Hello everyone Sherona Designs has another new cat design to add to their already wonderful collection. This time it's a Calico cat. There is a really nice poem about a Calico cat by Eugene Field,...
17 years ago
Can you tell me where I can buy embroidery thread 40 wt. inexpensively. Also the differences in Rayon and the polysheen. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Sara Try E-bay seller Small Town...
17 years ago 7
Embroidery software
Hi,all We have some embroidery softwares,and do not use them now,so want to sell or exchange some of them,these include WilcomV7.1,TajimaV7.1,Pulse Signature V9.1N, BarudanV6.0,Wings2000,Origins...
17 years ago
Embroiderer Deluxe
Hello everyone, At the request of many of her customers, Jenny Keber has created The Embroiderer Deluxe program. Many of you are familiar with Jennys embroidery business program - The Embroiderer....
17 years ago
Janome cards
I have recently been offered embroidery cards from the Janome range. Is there any way of converting them to work on the Brother. I have the PE Design v. card reader. Any information greatly received....
17 years ago 1
Re: New Home-Memory Craft 8000
I own a memory craft 5000 It is my first step into computer sewing /embroidery machines I bought it new,and it is considered out dated already. Sews wonderful and have no problems with a yearly...
17 years ago 2
Oriental Orchids
Hello everyone We have an exotic display of Oriental Orchids. These beautiful designs have been made for both the large and standard hoops. The delicate designs for the smaller hoop are suited to...
17 years ago
softener sheets
I remember reading awhile back that using used fabric softener sheets for stabilizer was a big NO NO. I was talking about this with a few friends and they had heard the same thing but had no reason...
17 years ago
Re: REQ; OESD 11751 Asian Letters. Thank you
try this group for your request I have a much better idea - try - I am sure they would love to help..... On Tue, 01 Jul 2003 14:07:15 GMT, "Nana2B" wrote: -------------------------------- Scott -...
17 years ago 1
Re: Cover Stitch Machine
Doesnt overlockers do coverstitch or is it a machine on its own. Liz Bernina did a coverlock only machine some time back. I am still looking for one. It was a model 009. As I already have a great...
17 years ago 6
Re-Embroidery on Towels
Thank you jackiepsews I will certainly try the 2 items you mentioned. Also Speedy and Fred......... I have some cook in bags so I will be able to try them too. Your help is much appreciated. Has Solvy...
17 years ago 11
Design Cataloging systems
I need to get one...which is the best? TIA! There is a free one at , they now have a new address not sure of it tho, I am sure someone out there can give it to you. I have used it for years now, freda...
17 years ago 10
Lord of the Ring
Hello, I'm looking for any Lord of the Ring embroidery designs does anyone have any idea where I can find some? -- Frank Saffen
17 years ago
can any comcast user still see a.b.c.p
As of this morning there is a single post there to change my NNTP server settings due to the att/comcast merger. I am able to see posts here but none over there. Are there any Comcast users out there...
17 years ago 2
Embroidery on towels
Is there something better than Solvy? Although Solvy worked, I had to wash the towels afterwards to get rid of the stickiness. I had understood that when you sprayed the Solvy, it just disappeared --...
17 years ago 3