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Feed Dogs
I was in the process of writing a post about a problem I'm having when it suddenly occurred to me -- are the feed dogs supposed to be disabled/down when you're using the Brother 900D for machine...
8 years ago 2
Trimming Between Letters
My friend's logo has long, thin letters with thin black outlining. I'm spending almost as much time trimming it as I did stitching it, even though I tried to do most of it as it went along. :-) So I...
8 years ago 9
What to expect from a digitizer?
I hope this group isn't dead. I am new to this -- just got my machine a few days ago. I sent a JPG to a digitizer and i'm confused about what I got back. The colors in the file aren't the ones from my...
8 years ago 24
Announcement! Embroidery Machine and Garment Decorating Equipment Auction
There are about seven (7) embroidery machines up for auction at There are single head and multi-head machines available. Brands include SWF, Tajima, and Toyota. Check it out :)
8 years ago
Saving more than one image to D-Card
I have 4D & the 4D d-card reader/writer kit, and I am trying to load embroidery designs on the Husqvarna 4d reader writer for Platinum Plus on the personal D card. This card has 30 different numbers...
8 years ago 2
Online font/monogram shop
I have been searching for a Celtic knot font to make monograms in kilts. No luck with that so far (anyone have any links to share?), but I did find this online shop which has some very nice alphabets...
9 years ago 5
JEF file specification
Hi, I am looking for any info I can get regarding the Janome JEF file layout. I am interested in writing some simple programs for my personal use to create/edit these files. Any help is greatly...
9 years ago 1
brother 2500 D hardware?
I have a brother 2500 D that I use maybe 4 times a month. my problem is when i pick a pattern and click on the sew button after maybe the second pattern I choose my screen goes blank, I lose the...
9 years ago 1
New Designs and Free Gift Buy 1 Get 1
The Buy One Get One of equal or lesser value will continue for a few more d= ays, so stock up now. You need to put your free choice in the Comment to Se= ller Box or email me, if not you will not get...
9 years ago
Hand embrodier??
hello never done this before so have any of you done hand embrodiery ? i am trying to make some patches for my diet club and im finding it hard to hand there any tips someone can suggest...
9 years ago 3
Elna CE 20 sewing machine for sale
Elna CE 20 Sewing Machine for sale, complete package, all orginial items included, including disks # 112 Farm Designs # 102 Floral Art and quilting # 26 Small Flowers # 14 Motor Sports # 23 Gold...
9 years ago 2
New to the group...and new to sewing
Hi, I'm Denise, 51yrs old and just learning to sew, serge and machine embroider. I'm embroidering some towels to send to my aunt - just a single initial. On the last one, the tension wasn't right, I...
9 years ago 4
Newest project
I bought a denim shirt a while back intending to decorate it, and a recent planned trip to the OR coast finally motivated me to get going: Very nice, I keep intending to customise some things for me,...
9 years ago 6
Bobbin winding
I recently purchased a used Viking designer I with floppy drive. It has run great since I've had it but sometimes the bobbins that I wind are really loose and not tightly wound. Then there are...
9 years ago 22
brother pc8200
when I try to embroider the error message comes up that I need to raise the presser foot when it is already in the raised position -------------------------------------...
9 years ago 1