Bad embroidery stitch... why?

I have a Husqvarna Viking Iris 600, which I received as a gift 8 years ago.=
I'm just beginning to really use it.
The ready-to-go embroidery cards, which I plug directly into my machine, se=
em to work fine, at least electronically. But today when I tried out one o=
f the designs, the stitching started out fine but then started to get slopp=
y and the needle seemed to get stuck in one section of the fabric and would=
n't move on. The tension and stitch length were all set to normal. When I=
took it off the machine, I noticed the fabric wasn't taut on the hoop. It=
seems it had loosened the fabric as it stitched. How do you combat this?
And is there another fix I should look at?
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