Advice on Strip/Circle Cutters

I would like to buy my wife (a stained glass worker) a strip/circle
cutter as a gift. I know that both Inland and Glastar (and other
companies) sell one, and I don't know enough to choose between them. I
would appreciate any recommendations, comments, advice, discussion of
pros and cons, etc., that will help me decide which one to get her.
Replies either to the group or directly to my e-mail address will help.
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Matthew Lybanon
"Charles Spitzer" wrote in message:
I agree with Charlie. The suction cup even grabs most handmade glasses and the overall construction is solid.
These folks have the 24" version for about $45 -- which is about $30 less than I paid:
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I know nothingelse about them as sellers though.- Paul
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I was unhappy with the Inland, as well. CRL
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has a 24" that looks a lot like the Silberschmidt, for about the same price. They have a lot of other models, also.
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The Inland is worse than awful, and they have never made any attempt to improve it. I've used the plastic Glastar for 20 years with great success.
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