Borosilicate Glass Rods 10 pieces 14mm x 1220mm

I've got HUNDREDS of glass tubes and rods. If you use them, or know of
someone who does, this is the deal of the century! I've listed three
of them on eBay - here is one link:
formatting link
is one of three listings I have put in this week. I have limitedknowledge of these items - I'm not a glass blower - or in the glassarts business.
I have researched the items and have described them to the best of my
ability. I'm pricing them far below what I have seen on other sites -
I'm serious about getting them out of here.
I will be listing additional glass tubing and rods, as I have literally
hundreds of these things!
I fell heir to them and would like to get them out of my house as soon
as possible - so stay tuned . . .
Email me if you have any questions or concerns about this item. I'll
respond as quickly as possible - definitely within 24 hours.
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