Scratches on Art Glass

I just made my 1st purchase of Murano Art Glass.
It was fairly Expensive.
Upon examining it, I found a 2 mm diameter chip in the top and several
20mm scratches, easily felt with the finger nail, plus other minor
scratches across the piece.
There was also some kind of haze around the entire bottom 1/4 of the
vase that looked like water spottting or something that could easily
be cleaned.
Indeed, upon getting the area wet, the flaw disappeared. But as soon
as the water was wipped away, the cloudiness/haze, came back, where
there should have been clear glass.
As a new collector of Murano Glass, should I accept such a piece?
It is signed by the maker, and will be run in production with a stamp
Are scratches allowable on a brand new, supposedly pristine, work of
And would the haze that looks like water spots or when you try to
clean it, oil on water, be acceptable.
Am I being too picky?
What should I expect from a mint piece of Art Glass?
Bob T.
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Your being taken for a ride. A new piece of glass should have none of what you found. A mint piece of any glass is just that, mint.
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Henry Halem
murano art glass has many levels of quality and distributors and pricing I have been to the island and the outlets there have seen some of worst and some of the best of murano. many of the stores in venice sold murano cheaper than the "factories" sold them for. Quality varied dramatically. I was invited to view some "museum" quality collectible murano.......and of course purchase was available. I did come home with a few "nice" pieces to add to the hot glass collection. got into a "discussion" about them blowing into molds and not hand shaped and blown! this did not make a very popular person at the factories.
TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION.... if possible return it! as the OP said MINT IS MINT..........(not referring to the plant, which is also mint) if you paid for a "flawless" piece..this does not seem to qualify
h who will be doing so FA's soon (and you may view 2 of my shades up for auction as EBAY had a free listing day)
HNY (happy new year) to you all
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