new to glass

Curious about saftey..And what about common glass, such as anything from the
food store, brown/green/white~can these be used? are there aditives that can
be used to work with these glasses? Still back reading the forum...definetly
looking for an oxeygen source other than bottled. any suggestions/help
greatly appreciated!
Thanks, in advance.
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Russ Cole
What are you wanting to do with glass? There are so many avenues to pursue, it would help if you were more specific.
If you play with glass, you will get cut. If you play with fire, you will get burned.
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Louis Cage
In article ,
Do you wnat to know whether you can lampwork with pieces of bottle glass? Yes. But pieces from one bottle probably won't be compatible with pieces from another unless they were made from the same batch of glass (which there's no way of knowing), so you may only get to make single-color beads. Glass is cheap. If you can afford equipment, you can afford glass. It can be fun to play with recycling bottle glass, though.
Glass bottles and jars are not normally Pyrex. They're soda-lime (soft) glass.
No additive needed.
For a better oxygen source than bottled, try getting two used medical oxygen concentrators and daisy-chaining them together.
What did you want to know about safety? Hot glassworking isn't terribly safe, but it's safer than a lot of other hobbies.
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Kalera Stratton

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