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Re: Merry Christmas.
From us in Australia, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :-) Elaine & David.
14 years ago
Does anyone use hinges on glasswork, eg jewel boxes etc. I'd like to put doors on my next terrarium. Where do you get them from? (Pref in the UK) thanks & merry christmas all HI Oxy Don't know how big...
14 years ago 6
ring sawed glass and foil
I got a ring saw and when I'm foiling the glass the foil is not sticking to the cut glass, I have cleaned the glass with windox really good, what else can I do to get the foil to stick? The glass that...
14 years ago 21
Buttler/Bournique glassblower information request
Hi Folks, Below is an information request that I am passing to the group. Please respond directly to the listed e-mail address if you have info or leads, or respond to the newsgroup and the mentioned...
14 years ago
bottle cutter, further update
My page on bottle cutting has been added to with information on using a torch to crack the glass and has been revised to make it more logical. On Mon, 19 Dec 2005 21:31:20 -0600 in , "Mike Firth"...
14 years ago 1
EZGOOD Bucket Fumer
More photos of stuff I've been building in my new studio in Oregon. This here is a pretty decent bucket fumer for stannous. The nozzle is the money shot. I've read on the Shute board about guys trying...
14 years ago 2
beatiful glass mosaic competitive price
sell glass mosaic in competitive price. sell glass mosaic in competitive price. sell glass mosaic in competitive price. are your prices competitive? h In article , Mike Beede and where on Earth can we...
14 years ago 5
Charter & (pointer to) FAQs
CHARTER for PREAMBLE: The newsgroup was created primarily for the purpose of discussion related to working with glass. In order to improve the mechanism whereby we may do so without undue distraction,...
14 years ago
Any crochet patterns to share ?
If you are a crochet-lover like we are, visit and share your patterns, tips or ideas with other crochetmaniacs .
14 years ago
Moly Furnace
Here are some pics of my moly furnace for Jack and whoever else. You can see my two fuji's there, the lower is the overtemp. and the panel meter and the transformer back behind. The scr is in the...
14 years ago 20
Need decorative type of metal framing ????
Hope you can help a new lurker, with this request. My daughter ordered 2 pictures for members of her new family for her wedding, tried samples of all kind of zinc,copper and wood frames,but it looses...
14 years ago
14 years ago
wooden CNC Engraving Machine for glass engraving
hello, I'm Martin de Roode and i have made an Engraving machine of wood. here you can see the pictures how to make it and you can also see what you can make wih it. 's possible to engrave mirrors and...
14 years ago 1
here comes the tools now
OK I've been bitching about the lamps from Korea, China, and Mexico for the last 10 years. Then I was seeing finished panels with hundreds of pieces for under $99 showing up at the mall. Well now you...
14 years ago 14
Other forums?
particularly What are you selling? I'll take it! and As always your answer is Ebay... Now, c'mon, besides the beauty in the video tape there was a really good looking, hardly used one that had a...
14 years ago 11