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Taurus Ring Saws
I was wondering if someone could tell me more about the ring saws I see mentioned now and then. Will these cut glass (stained) similar to the kind of detail a jigsaw can cut wood? I've been using a...
14 years ago 7
Dear Sir Shandong Glass Group (SGG) is the largest manufacturer & exporter for all glass types in china! We can supply you with Tempered glass, Laminated glass, Insulated glass, clear float glass,...
14 years ago 15
Book sale for Xmas....
Just to keep you informed... Some unusual stained glass/fused glass etc books for sale at reduced prices.. Take a look.. They also have a very lowpostal charge..Just though I'd let you know - it's for...
14 years ago 1
[commercial] Gold Glass
Gold Glass - producer of glass tree ornaments from Poland. Czestochowa is the ruler city of Christmass Tree Ornaments Handcrafted!! Feel free to contact us!! In article , Feel free to take your spam...
14 years ago 1
Searching for machine/commercial-rolled flashed glass
Hi Folks, I am revisiting a subject from 6 years ago or so out of necessity and desire. Where can one find a reliable source of commercial grade, flat, flashed glass suitable for detailed sandblast...
14 years ago 12
I generally use 60/40 solder and it works well for me. Can anyone tell me about 50/50 and 63/37 Solder. When would you use them? I was given some solder and it is unlabeled. I am sure it is not 60/40....
14 years ago 3
Cold spots in kiln - usual or unusual ?
Hi All I've been using a little Paragon SC2 front-loading kiln for the last 6 weeks or so - mostly making small fused pendant pieces, dichro, earrings - that sort of thing. I'd noticed that not all of...
14 years ago 7
We Have Beautiful Glass Creations
We have the most beautiful frosted and spun glass items you have ever laid your eyes on. Check us out and you'll agree. There are many other items available for gift giving as well. The list is...
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Charter & (pointer to) FAQs
CHARTER for PREAMBLE: The newsgroup was created primarily for the purpose of discussion related to working with glass. In order to improve the mechanism whereby we may do so without undue distraction,...
14 years ago
Tiffany" style Art Glass Lighting and Home Accessories
Huge saving and factory close outs: In article , Mike Beede
14 years ago 1
Dichroic glass question
I was thinking of purchasing some dichroic glass from a distrubutor for a project. It's sold for fusing but I don't have a kiln. Can you tell me if the surface is easily scratched? Does it need to be...
14 years ago 4
approx 10 lb crucible.
Hi, getting ready to set up and make flake / shards..need a good small crucible?? any suggestions. thks bg
14 years ago
Possible masking methods/materials
Hi folks, [[ I have posted this message to other groups - nothing specific to glass craft but perhaps somebody in here is using a similar method on glass and is able to advise. Thanks for reading. ]]...
14 years ago 4
anything with tableware
global tableware professional web blog.. list your shop,pattern, update your product, share your comment, list anything with tableware here...
14 years ago
China Plates - Etching? Painting?
Hello there - Is there a process by which I can take ordinary, white china soup bowls and add a permanent decoration? I'd like to put a small stencil into the bottom of each one. Thanks! JP Permanent...
14 years ago 7