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Glass sparking? Is there an situation which could/would cause soda lime or boro to spark?
Im asking this question because in another NG someone has said you should not use glass balls in a ball mill (Pyrotechnic manufacture ball mill) because the glass could spark and ingnite the...
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Nickel Plating
I have seen some beautiful stained glass pieces that have been plated with either nickel or gold. The person who was selling them told me she crafted the items herself and then sent them away to be...
14 years ago 5
info on a stained glass window
My wife and I purchased a stained glass window recently. It was smoke damaged with a couple of small broken pieces of glass and some loose lead We had it repaired, cleaned and the stained glass person...
14 years ago 6
any rockhounds or beachcombers out there??
hello ladies and gents. i own a small rock shoppe here in southwest oklahoma. currently i trade rocks shells indian artifacts etc. with people from about 18 states and 4 different countries. i have...
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Charter & (pointer to) FAQs
CHARTER for PREAMBLE: The newsgroup was created primarily for the purpose of discussion related to working with glass. In order to improve the mechanism whereby we may do so without undue distraction,...
14 years ago
PaperWeights vintage FA
Paper Weights by John Bedford stamp on title page otherwise VGC. 65 pages Lovely old collectors book on paperweights,very useful reference,well illustrated. headings:- The Making / Paperweight Types /...
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Looking for glass drills
Hello Group, I am looking for a place to bye glass drills, about 4, 5, 6, and 7 mm. please tell me where to get them. Best regards Søren M if you mean diamond core drills, ebay. if you have a...
14 years ago 3
Dremel Versatip for Soldering Stained Glass
I was thinking of getting it for doing stained glass. The tool touts 1000+ deg (F i assume) temps, which should be plenty to solder, but i'm a bit worried that it only has a 30W heating element. I'm...
14 years ago 24
I realize this is a 'glass' newsgroup but could someone point me to a sandblast/stone newsgroup? If not, could someone recommend where I could buy stencils for sandblasting into stone or rock? Also, I...
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who in this forum is System 96 users
just curious. thks bg Was funnier the first time,,,, I use "some", but still mostly a coe 90 guy. Just curious my self, Do you find any differences between the two? Are you more successful with lower...
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Glass figurines
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14 years ago
the world's tableware blog..
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14 years ago
Re: Chinese Lamps from Homeshopping Club
Google is the bane of usenet. Only an idiot would post a one-word post without any context as to what he's talking about. and it fits....very appropriate. Ignorant Canuck. Everybody else on this forum...
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Q: Painting on glass that lasts.
Hello Glass Group, I got some white frosted lampshades in glass that i like to paint green. How do i do? -Is there a lasting paint, because they get relly hot? -Is there a glass paint that can be...
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Re: Lystre on glass in fusion oven (mirror / reflector effect for light)
Dear Connie Ryman, is iridized glass the same as dicroic? Søren Momsen "C Ryman" skrev i en meddelelse news:j7dbf.10226$Ny6.4102@trnddc06... "Mike Firth" skrev i en meddelelse news: Dear Mike Firth,...
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