A finish finally!!!

I finished Magical Nights after many years
I put feathers on it for the Pegasus horses wings so I hope it comes out all
Michaels is clever.They take a picture of your project with the frame you
pick out so you know its beautiful. You cant go anywhere else. Joanne's
doesn't have the selection Michaels have. I hope the framer know what to do.
I pick it up in 2 weeks. If I find somewhere to post it I will.
( I am still working on my afghan of flower fairies.) My next project I am
going to write a start date on it.
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Donna D.
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What a *brilliant* idea! Congrats on the finish!
I've heard horror stories about Michaels but the one we have here is really good with framing. They will make it right until you're happy. When I first had "My sweet heart" framed, it just didn't have that "oomph". They suggested a different mat, redid it and didn't even charge me extra, even though it was an additional mat to what I already had! When I first started going there I made sure to let them know I was *very* picky about my frames. :)
I second Sheena's recommendation for rctnp.
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