I am looking for a back issue of a Just Cross Stitch magazine with a
picture of a sampler on the cover done in mostly pinks and purple. Its
says EXCLUSIVE HEIRLOOM SAMPLER on the cover. It is from the 1990's so I
am having quite a hard time finding it. I accidentally threw out this
magazine during one of my moves and it is about half completed. It cost
a fortune to buy all the silk threads and beads for this as well as the
linen. Anyone who can help, please do so. Thank you in advance for any
and all help. Sincerely, Geraldine
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When does the actual neck and back pain usually occur? I'm almost a month pregnant and I woke up this morning experiencing the worst back of my neck and back pain.
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On Feb 28, 12:45=A0am, Geraldine wrote:
I may have what you are looking for. June 1998 issue of JCS has Part 1 of Le Jardin Silk Sampler. The top section has irises, next a bargello type design, next pink roses and two more designs below. Part 2 is in the August 1998 issue, which I also have. If this sounds like what you are after, e-mail me at luv2count [at] aol [dot] com. There are other designs in these two issues I may want to hold on to but I think I can remove the parts you need without any problems. Joan in NY
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If that's the one you're looking for, that's one I've wanted to do for *years*! I also have those issues.
I also found it on eBay with 5 days left:
formatting link
those of you who are curious, I finally found a picture of ithere:
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btw, Joan in NY, how long have you been here? I thought I was the only Joan on the ng! :)
Joan in ND
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Joan E.
I first started reading RCTN about 10-12 years ago during the flame wars over the evils of licking floss to facilitate treading the needle and whether floss had a "grain". When AOL dropped newsgroups it became painful to access through Google and I mostly stopped but I still occasionally drop in to check what's happening and to see if I can help someone by getting rid of the pile of old stitching magazines I still can't bring myself to toss in the recycling bin.
Joan in NY
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I *MAY* have that, but literally will not have time to look until after the 20th of January. If you haven't found it, will you ping again?
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