ISO Cross Stitch Collection issue 144

Hello everyone
I am SO close to completing my collection of Lilliput Lane patterns!
SO close!
All I am missing right now is the backstitching instrucitons to the
LL209 pattern Burley Street Garage.
This was published as a kit by Anchor some time ago and is now OOP.
It was also published in the British magazine Cross Stitch Collection
issue 144.
Can anyone help? Either the kit, or the magazine would be wonderful.
PLease? Pretty please? All I need are the backstitching instructions.
Someone out there please help out a fellow stitcher!
I am willing to trade, pay, send gift certificate, light a candle
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My LNS does not have this issue, but they have a different issue, and they suggested contacting them to see if they have any in their archives:
Address: 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW Main - Tel: 01225 442244 Fax: 01225 732282 send a fax Website:
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Maybe they could help?
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Magic Mood Jeep
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:HI Claudia, I was just wondering if you managed to get the back stitching for burley street garage deb
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Hi Deb.
Yes, I did. In fact, I have finished stitching the piece and it is gorgeous (though I proba bly should not be the one saying this!).
Thanks for asking!
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On 21 jun, 11:49, debbie.kampowski_at_gmail_dot (debk39) wrote:
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:>> HI Claudia,
I just looked at the is so cool that you can great\t help here.....and it is also beautifully stitched.
Gillian Florida until tomorrow!YEAH!!! Heading to cooler weather.
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Gillian Murray

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