Crochet hooks for people with arm pain?

I have a neighbor lady, in her 70s, who used to love to crochet but had to
give it up years ago because of pain in her elbow and shoulder. The best
she can tell me about it was that the doctors thought it was caused by the
repeated small(ish) movements necessary to crochet. It's not CTS,
according to her, although at its worst, it does effect her thumb, too.
So, with that very vague diagnosis, I was wondering if there have been any
ergonomic improvements in crochet hooks that might make it easier for her
to crochet again? I know she would love to do it again if there was some
hope that it wouldn't cause these arm problems.
Any help will be appreciated.
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My arthritis causes both arm and hand pain with crocheting with hooks large enough for worsted weight wool, but I am usually able to crochet with steel hooks and thread. However, avoiding crochet entirely works best for me, and I now do a lot of knitting, quilting, embroidery, and tatting instead. Your neighbor might try picking up a different art, and may find something she really enjoys doing!
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On 8/10/06 11:19 AM, in article ebfiq7$6qd$, "FragileWarrior" according to her, although at its worst, it does effect her thumb, too.
Has your friend tried the Clover soft touch hooks?
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mom has and likes them Cheryl
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Cheryl Isaak
Cheryl Isaak wrote in news:C100E1DA.5DD82%
Ooh, maybe I'll buy her one and see if she'll try it. What would be a good general size for working with thread (she doesn't like working with yarn), can someone tell me?
Thx for the link.
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"Mary" wrote in news:
She's in her 70s now and didn't seem too excited about learning something new but she surely did love her crochet. She still has all her crocheting magazines in the closet. She doesn't like working with wool/yarn, either, she liked the thread crocheting. I think I might see if she'll try the soft touch crochet hooks. Even if she can only work for a little while each day.
Thx for the help.
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Why not casually ask her which size is her favorite? The reason I say this is that the size will change depending upon the size of thread. So, if your friend normally uses a size No. 10 thread, she'll be able to answer what size hook she likes to use "normally".
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Dianne Lewandowski

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