Cross Stitch Needles

what is everyone's favorite needle?
I was using a "My Favorite Needle" but I misplaced or lost it. Then I
was using Piecemakers but they don't hold the thread very well. The
thread would stick to my dry hands and puttl right out of the needle.
Now I am using another brand of 'short' needle, like the My Favorite
Needle, but I can't remember the brand? Two of them came in a small
plastic box that slips inside a 'felt' bag. I like them because the
thread doesn't slip out of them as easily. I do use Curel Intensive
Healing on my fingers if they get too dry.
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My DH tried Curel but didn't like it. Then he tried Gold Bond Ultimate Intensive Healing and said that worked much better. Or, if you want your hands really smooth for stitching, try Gloves in a Bottle. I use that whenever I'm working with silks.
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Joan Erickson
It's a toss-up between Lance and Tristan Brooks. Both have smooth eyes that make them easy to thread.

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I have to quit reading for a while! "Lance and Tristan Brooks" with the "s mooth eyes" sound like a set of twins from a Regency romance novel!!!!!!!!! ! (lol instead of smiley face for Sheena). Maybe we could (almost) all ima gine that Lance and Tristan are reading aloud to us while we stitch?
LIz from Humbug
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Liz from Humbug
of course you all know that "puttl" means "pull" lol

>..........stick to my dry hands and puttl right out of the needle.
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Away from my stitching, I've been using Carmex. Works a treat after the nasty soap they have us use at work. I've done travel stitching with it on and it seems to be fine
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Cheryl Isaak
I think John James makes a short needle. Haven't tried them, but I do like JJ needles in general. My favorite tapestries are the gold ones, they just seems to balanced, if that makes any sense!

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