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Don't know how many of you like to crochet but this might be of interest to
One of the ladies in my water aerobics class brings a crocheted tote bag for
her towels and such.
I was quizzing her about it because of it's unusual look and she said she
had made it from plastic grocery bags. Seems she uses regular Wal-Mart, HEB,
or whatever plastic bags to crochet the tote bags. I went on line and found
a bunch of instructions for this craft. Some of you may already know about
this but I have to say I didn't. Great recycling project!
Here are a few websites I found to get started.
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this one tells you how to make the plarn (plastic bag yarn)
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Thanks for sharing those pages - great idea. (If I can only find the TIME!) DH recycles a big bag of bags every time he goes to the grocery store - even though he also brings several of his own cloth sacks!
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Susan Hartman
On 4/24/08 2:16 PM, in article 4810ce7c$0$7712$,
I've seen several of those. Texture looked funky and fun. C
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Cheryl Isaak
The lady who did the one I saw said that she actually washes it in the clothes washer! She must be really sure that her knots will hold. She did warn us not to put it in the clothes dryer! Ewwww! Melty mess.
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There was a set of knitting instructions I saw once - same type of thing - where they advised putting sheets of paper between layers and ironing it. With another piece of paper between the bag and the iron of course. The heat fused any knots or joins together. Dora
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