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Hello everyone!
Thank you for the kind words, Joan. :)
Joan is the one who gifted me this lovely pattern and I've been having so m uch fun with it. I first did the hardanger heart in a violet colorway and j ust had it framed. I strongly considered making it into a pillow, but I hav e a young son and I was afraid he'd damage it...he's pretty rough on the st uff in our home.
I'm in the middle of stitching the pattern a second time in a garnet colorw ay, which I'll give to my mom for christmas.
You can see pics here in my album (you have to be a member of this group to view them):
formatting link
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Violet Stitches
What did you put behind the fabric to make it shine?
Ooo, that will be pretty, too!
Keep us posted on your mermaid, too!
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Joan Erickson
After much consideration I decided I wanted an almost mirror finish behind the heart. Silver fabric was pretty but not shiny enough, and actual mirror was too thick and heavy, so I went with shiny silver paper. The silver pap er isn't acid free (which is not ideal) but I couldn't find an acid free ve rsion I liked as much.
I figure my stitching will all go to the Goodwill when I'm dead (no one in the family has a love for it), so longevity isn't a huge concern for me. Pa per that has acid in it can last for 20-50 years if kept dry and out of the sun, before it starts to desintegrate and damage your fabric. That's long enough for me. :)
FYI: They have this shiny paper in both silver and gold colors in the fram ing department of Hobby Lobby...it's in the slots right next to the mountin g boards.
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