Hi and my name is Portia from Southern Calif.. I am blind and a
knitter.. I am interested in finding and learning new patterns.. I
mostly know how to knit blankets, afgahans, scarves, and dishcloths..
Oh yes, slippers.. I am always searching for new patterns to learn and
I am a beginner I still believe since I don't know a lot of stitches..
I also, want to learn quilting, macrame, bashetry, and many other
crafts.. There is so much I want to learn and I hoe to find friends
that will teach me some things that you know.. I looking forward to
learning and meeting some of you here..
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Hi Portia! I can't help you with any of the crafts you mention since I don't know how to do those. I'm guessing someone around here can give a few pointers though. You certainly sound ambitious! Welcome to the group and best wishes on your crafting.
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Brenda Lewis
embrooiders.. I did some embroidery in junior higgh.. Been a long time fromj doing that.. And, since I am blind, is there such a thing as creating your own designs or patterns?? I hope that I can find some knitters here.. Thanks again for the welcome.. Portia aka angel_crafter
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