New DMC colors

Hi all,
I just got an email that said DMC is coming out with 35 new colors! You
can get them in a special tin now or wait until Nov. 1 when the new
colors are launched (think I'll wait!). Here's the link, if you're
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They put more info into the email than on their site! Here's what they say about them:
"We are thrilled to be introducing 35 new shades of your favorite floss!
Recognized for our premium quality and vast selection of unique colors,
we now offer a total of 489 shades. In celebration of the upcoming
launch and full product offering becoming available on November 1st, we
have a special sneak peek for you. Available today is DMC?s exclusive
gold matte finish Collector?s Tin containing one skein of each new
shade! This special set also includes 2 FREE cross stitch patterns. Get
yours today!
"When creating these 35 new colors of stranded cotton, we were inspired
by contemporary trends including urban architecture, sustainability and
baroque gems. Look for soft neutrals, gentle greens, delicate pastels,
and regal reds and purples, beautifully completing our beloved range.
With more colors comes more imagination - what will you make with these
unique new shades?"
Would have been nice if they showed us what their 2 patterns are...more
incentive for the extra cost for the tin!
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Joan Erickson
Cool....more colors! I don't think I need to buy the set in the gold tin bu t am always happy to hear there's more choices in colors.
On that link you posted Joan, DMC has a "kits" tab you can click on which p eaked my curiosity. Of course I had to find the most whimsical, cutest desi gn ever, which I *do* think I might have to have. It's simple and easy whic h is sometimes just the ticket. See it here:
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tml A few months ago I got down to a stash of 14 charts, at which point I decid ed I would allow myself to enhance my stash A LITTLE. Somehow that sent me off the rails and now I can't stop myself. Ack!
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Violet Stitches
In my defense, I did finish two things last week:
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I'll also have a third finish, probably in the next 10 days, of this design:
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No doubt those three finishes justify my purchase of...uuuhhhhh...20+ charts. AM I RIGHT? ;)
PS I'll post photos of my finished pieces after my maple leaf gets done, along with pics of the framed red hardanger heart (chart compliments of Joan).
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Violet Stitches

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