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On Friday, June 22, 2001 at 6:58:46 PM UTC-4, Martha

>> Does anyone know of any good designers/sites for Jewish
>> theme projects?
>> My girlfriend is jewish and I like to make gifts for her.
>> I can only hope that whatever is patterned in hebrew is
>> spelled correctly as I am not jewish and cannot read
>> hebrew.
>> My sisters, my mom and I embroidered for her a stamped
>> cross stitch Seder table cloth and matching napkins. It
>> came out wonderfully and thank goodness the hebrew was
>> correct and in the right direction! I had purchased it
>> from a clearance table at the Stitching Post in
>> Catonsville, MD.
>> My mom embroidered for her a rainbow colored Hebrew
>> Alphabet that was in one of the ladies magazines and all
>> the letters are in reverse order! We all got a laugh and
>> Tami loves it just the same!
>> Thank you in advance!
>> Martha
> I'm in the same boat and placed an order w/Crafty Needle.
> I received an order confirmation email (which I
> accidentally deleted), but a month later I've received no
> kit and no answer to my inquiries, both by phone and
> email--the site didn't recognize my own email address?!
> Does anybody know what's going on, or can anybody
> recommend an alternate site for a stamped cross stitch
> tablecloth. Thanks. Cathy Heerin
One of my chart packs is a group of Jewish-themed designs,
two framed pieces and an insert for a square Sudbury box.
If you're interested, email me and I'd be happy to email
you back pictures of the three designs included. My email
on this post is unmunged.
I also had a design for a driedl gift bag published in Just
Cross Stitch years ago. I can look up the issue month
and year if anyone is interested in tracking down a copy.
I did another large driedl gift bag too that wasn't
included in the magazine, but I could probably dig up
the particulars from my archives.
Yeah, I noticed the original post was from 2001, but
since the follow up request was current, what the heck.
Usenet and rctn need all the help it can get regardless
of how old the posts are. ;)
At River's End
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I think I remember a design of a menorah or some other Jewish design in JCS, too. I can look through my old issues if you'd like.
Sooooo true! :)
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Joan Erickson
Okay, I dragged out my binder with my original copies of my designs and the driedl gift bag was in the December 2002 issue.
I also did a series of coaster patterns that had used old CDs (you know, the kind that AOL used to send out or ones that got zorched when you made backups?) as a filler inside to give them some heft. Cross Stitcher magazine bought first publication rights for several of the series including one that was a menorah for Hannukah. Instead of putting the design (and a couple of others) they offered the patterns for them for download on their website. I was not happy with that since they bought *first publication rights* which isn't multiple download rights. They are now out of business. :P~~~~ to 'em!
So unfortunately, I can't point people to a back issue for that one. Bummer.
I've considered reformatting some of my designs into downloadable PDF format and offering them for download somewhere, but so far haven't had the motivation to look into possible *where* to put 'em or if there would be enough interest from the stitching public to do so.
Ideas, anyone?
Nyssa At River's End
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