bisque firing stacking

I have stacked dinner plates four high. The foot rings are largely the same
size. Am I likely to regret my economic stacking, or can I get away with it?
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Steve Powell
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For bisque I stack plates on their edges in threes with a small diameter spacer in between each group of three. If I pack them in quantities of more than three, I tend to loose the middle ones because their centres don't get as hot as the edges and so shrink at a different rate causing them to split. I pack on their edges because the bottom one(s) of a vertical stack get pinned to the shelf by the weight of those above and THEY split. I pack nests of up to 20 bowls in a stack with 3 squares of ceramic fibre between each bowl and under the bottom one. You could perhaps pack your plates like that. Squares of fibre allow the pieces to move/shrink without being pinned, and also allow heat between the bowls/plates.
Steve Bath UK
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Thanks for the info this morning Steve. Strangely you response was not posted; more oddly your response to greenware has already been removed . Perhaps my server is responsible. Who knows?
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I have the same problem with my news server at home. I get about half the messages. My business service at my office gives me everything. Must be the news server of certain ISPs are programmed only to accept messages from a limited number of other servers. Must be a filtering or censoring thing as some of the news servers will allow "EVERTHING". That is what my home isp service explained to me anyway. Plus, they purge their message about every three days to free up space. I noticed that other services allow you to go back into years past of postings.
The only way around this is to subscribe directly to some other news service with more liberal policies.
: D
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As far as I can tell the cable servers are only keeping the absolute minimum storage for the news groups. My groups only keep a day if that of the postings. It is very frustrating and difficult reading.
A note on bisque stacking. I remember when we used to load a small electrick kiln (maybe 18" X 36") with no selves. All the ware was stacked and we had very little breakage. It became a real art to get all the pots in that we did. I can't imagine doing it now. DK
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