I just started reading this newsgroup today. I've already found a
wealth of information. Have I found a home?
I've been working in the clay-arts for about three decades (not
professionally) and have moved around for most of them. I've finally found
some stability and have started teaching classes. Just wanted to let you
all know what a thrill it is to see so many who are happy to share their
knowledge with those of us trying to refine our skills
No real point other than, "Howdy!"
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Minstrel Pig
Where are you located? Always looking for potters in the Tampa/Brandon Florida area. Steve in Tampa
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Mud Dawg
Aren't we all always trying to refine our skills? I have also moved around a bit in the 35 years of my pottery life (i am now 66). Finally settled in Austria (where i am originally from) and stuck with pottery. I tried Clay Art for one week, screemed hysterically and unsubscribed again. I couldn't stand all those emails coming every day. r.c.p. is wonderful, you get all the help you need, don't have to spend hours on your computer just to find out about the subjects every day, everybody is friendly and helpfull and patient, the way potters are, - so, wellcome to the group, Dave.
-- Monika Schleidt snipped-for-privacy@schleidt.org
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Monika Schleidt
On Tue, 03 Feb 2004 19:15:22 +0100, Monika Schleidt wrote:
Monica, you might want to check out Clayart with the Digest option. You get one huge (100-200 Kbyte) Email every day, with all the messages. What I do is set my Email viewer's Find to search for "Subject:", which takes me to the subject line of each message. Then I just use the Find Next hot-key and browse through the whole works fairly quickly. You can quickly skip over subjects that don't interest you (or that did at the start of the thread but are getting flogged to death) and focus on the "good stuff". There are plenty of good people there, with lots of knowledge to share.
But as I've noted earlier, I think newsgroups are a lot more efficient way to go!
Bob Masta dqatechATdaqartaDOTcom D A Q A R T A Data AcQuisition And Real-Time Analysis
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