Stephen Pearce "Terra Cotta Collection" 3 Nesting Bowls & 2 matching Pitchers 4 Sale

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Stephen Pearce - Three Nesting Bowls And Two Matching Pitchers
> Brand New =96 Never Used or Displayed
>> This pattern is no longer available from the manufacturer
>> From the =93Terracotta Collection=94 with stylish squared off corners
Hand poured terracotta brushed with white glaze. Partially unglazed
red clay exterior. Ingredients include local organic Irish clay and
fresh spring water.
No lead, cadmium or other non-organic ingredients.
> Purchased in the mid 1990=92s from the Simon Pearce Store in New York Cit= y
>> In original box from the Simon Pearce store
=46rom the original manufacturer's Product information card which is
included with this set:
(see photo for details)
Stephen Pearce served his apprenticeship at potteries in England,
France and Japan before returning to work in his father's pottery. In
1972 he setup his own, digging his own clay and firing with local
turf. Stephen makes his distinctive terracotta pottery with a simple
white glaze in a small workshop overlooking Ballycotton Bay in East
Cork. Under his supervision, skilled potters fashion a unique range of
dinnerware to his design.
Please Note: In the item pictures - Middle Size Bowl:
The dot is a sticker affixed by the manufacturer and is NOT a flaw,
rust or stain
For more information on Stephen Pearce:
formatting link

> Canada / Hawaii / Alaska & International bidders welcome: Contact selle=
r for shipping info
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