You are thinking well.
The yog. cups should work tho the clay will not dry on the plastic side so putting clay inside is best. On the outside you'd have to remove the clay fast.
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Thanks Rox! I've ended up with a plan to take the clay off the outside fast and I hope it works. I wanted the kids to see the whole process and if we formed the cups inside, I'd have to have 20 cups prepared for them to work on the outside... I like the size formed on the outside better too. It will all happen tomorrow and I'll give you an update ;-)
Then I'll have to plan a glazing session for 20 kids. Any ideas? I was thinking they could each dip a palm in glaze and apply it to a white base. It's looking okay in the tests I did. But the result of all of this has to sell and raise funds for the school in an auction.
If you've missed my first post, I have a rather nice punch bowl with a ladle and the kids are making cups to go with it. I'm thinking they will put hand prints on the bowl too. I'll see how orderly they are tomorrow and make adjustment as needed.
Thanks for your input Rox! Best, Sue
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Sue Roessel Dura
Success! 20 5th graders did very well making 20 cups. I brought them home and smmothed them out a bit, but all in all, they were very good. I'll be bringing them back to have hand prints put on them. Hopefully the whole project will continue to do well ;-)
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Sue Roessel Dura

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