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Handmade beautiful creations for focused thought and prayer. Thought Ropes,
Malas, Komboloi, Rosaries... at
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2005! Other Prizes include a free thought rope and box of clay!
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Okay, are we allowed to comment on these posts or do we just wait till they drop off by themselves? I mean thought rope, what a concept, how much rope must one smoke to come up with these things? I know, I'm the new guy here and now I'm going to get myself kicked out, right? But c'mon, how can I look at this and stop the wise-azz comments from pouring forth? Restraint? I can't, its all being used for "Thought Rope"! Dang thing's so small you can't even lash anything onto the roof of your car with it, but... AHA!! You can use it as a keychain! Okay, now I'm really in trouble. Well, it was fun... if ya kick me out at least I had a good couple days.
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the ''Kroozr''
See, the thing is, that you are confusing form with function... Just because it looks like a rope don't mean that you can tie things with it.... Yes it is a peice of rope, with beads... But it has a metafunction which is to act as apoint of centreing during meditation, or as a comforting thing to fiddle with during times of stress, that also is interesting to the eye... Some of us use bubble wrap (and pop the bubbles) for some of us it's the rosary beads, as we count our way to heaven.. And for some of us we need to have something not denominationally linked, and for us there's "thought ropes"../ Yep i can see it... Hugs Eddie
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Eddie Daughton
Cute little bit of research found that saying certain chants or prayers (I think Hail Mary was one)that had a certain cadence lowered blood pressure and stress levels. You could make it nonsense syllables as well. It was the rhythm and the repretition that seemed to do wonders.
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In article , DKat writes
That's interesting; I used to teach in a Catholic School (though I'm not of that persuasion) and noted with interest the trance-like state induced by a lot of Hail Mary's said, as it were, in quantity.
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Steve Mills

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