Babylock Decorator's Choice

Does anyone have any comments about this machine? I just picked one up at a
store that's discontinuing the brand and now I'm wondering if I was too
hasty. (I bought the floor model, so I can't actually take the machine until
all his stock has sold...probably a week or so.)
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KI Graham
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I checked on WebCrawler to see what you'd bought. It seems to have every feature a body could want. All I know about Babylock is that IF I ever bought an embroidery machine, that's the brand I'd go with; don't have any experience with Baby's sewing machines. Hold your breath and turn blue if they try to send you home without an instruction manual; that beautiful machine has a heap of features you'll want to learn. Polly
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Polly Esther
They're giving me free lessons [as well as the manual, extra feet etc.]. I may end up buying the extension table, although I also own a Babylock Quilter's choice professional that I use for freemotion stuff.
Now I have three granddaughters, I'm finding I'm doing some garment sewing as well as quilting. This machine had the four features I was looking for, at a price that was within reason [$700 Cdn.]: needle up/down; knee lifter; decent blanket-stitch and buttonholer;and built-in thread cutter. I have been happy with my other machine, so I'm cautiously optimistic about this one.
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KI Graham

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