Buttons, buttons, whose got the buttons?

I hardly ever post but since there is little traffic on the list,
thought I'd throw this one out to the group:
In making holiday appliques: snowmen, Santas, etc., I have a need for
round button-type eyes. Those little 1/4 inch black 2-hole buttons.
Used to be able to get them at JoAnn's but not so much anymore.
Online, have found one has to order 9000 (or about as many it seems)
of them. I checked a lot of the mail order quilt/sew shops (Nancy's
Notions, Connecting Threads, Nordic Needle, Just Another Button,
Fabric Shop, etc.) and am not coming up with a good source of just a
few, maybe a dozen or so, black petite in 1/4 inch or 6 mm size. Do
you have a source?
Thanks for any help!
KT. in MI
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KT in Mich
Try Michaels, or Walmart. Or, I can look at my collection of many buttons and see what I have, as long as they don't all have to matchy-matchy? Let me know!
Ginger in CA
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Ginger in CA
Here you go. I LOVE these people. Maybe the code B70 will get you 99cent shipping. Polly
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Polly Esther

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