Custom plastic templates - UK and elsewhere

This is a bit of market research really, and if it becomes a business
proposition I will, of course, take it across to r.c.t.m
Often I read people say "go to your local plastic supplier and get your
template cut", except very rarely can we do that over here in the UK.
However we (DH & I) have just bought a laser cutter at work which cuts &
engraves wood, plastic, leather etc but NOT metal.
Would (UK) quilters be interested in having their own custom set of
perspex templates cut for them? If so how much would you be willing to
pay? What extra features would you want to see on your template -
alignment marks, template identifier etc? What thickness would you want
them to be?.....
Do you know of anyone else offering this service?
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Lizzy Taylor
A few years back, I did a custom order (from a recognised, but fairly rare pattern) from
formatting link

They did a good job. The templates are for rotary cutting (seam allowance included) with hole where the seams meet for marking through. I don't remember if the templates were marked. It was fairly complicated with about 10 different templates, and I paid 64 canadian dollars, including postage to the US. Of course, if on the European market, even if you have to charge a little more, it might work, since there would be no customs to handle within the EU.
I'm not huge on templates, so probably wouldn't use your service, but this was what I wanted and got the one time I did want custom templates :-)
Hanne in DK (then in the US)
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Hi Hanne,
Thank you for the feedback and the link. To be honest, I don't use templates either, but I know there are some block patterns where they are necessary - curved ones for example, so this newsgroup is THE place to ask for advice and experience.
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Lizzy Taylor
Interesting idea Lizzy. Sorry I can't help as I don't use templates, as such. If I need a shape, I draw it out! But, I wish you good luck if you decide to go ahead with the venture. Have you thought of asking the larger shops around the UK - like The Cotton Patch and Bramble Patch et al? You could also have a professional chat with the nice people at Creative Grids. They are the people who see the most acrylic stuff I should think, with all their different rulers. I think Rachel is the name of the lady who brings the stand to all the shows. She's very approachable. . In message , Lizzy Taylor writes
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Pat S

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