finally finished

Perhaps 8 months ago, maybe less, it seems like years, I posted a
request for a pattern for a quilt of batiks I'd seen. Some dear
person posted the pattern, I tackled the quilt and my intentions were
to begin to explore machine quilting free motion and using various
styles. In the meantime, the machine I purchased for that very
purpose has created so many headaches that I'm getting rid of it, and
I pulled out my little faithful Bernina mechanical and finished the
quilt in August. My friend Lyn did the rolled binding for me (thanks
Lyn - I love you!) and I've got both the original inspirational
picture as well as pics of the finished result at my webshots
album :big batik blocks
formatting link

Musicmaker, who can't even remember what the pattern is called
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Absolutely beautiful! I really do like batiks, but have never decided what I would like to do with them - this is truly inspirational! Great work!
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Cindy, I LOVE it! What glorious colors and a great way to showcase those wonderful batiks! I also like your MQing- very, very much! It looks like you had fun and learned a lot. Sorry about your sm- that's got to be awful.
Leslie & The Furbabies in MO.
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Leslie & The Furbabies in MO.
How very beautiful! Stunning colours and a lovely, simple pattern that allows the fabrics to sing. .
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