Goose down duvets

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Goose Down Duvet
To sleep under a goose down duvet feels like sleeping under a warm
puffy cloud!
Luxuriously lightweight and fluffy, down is nature's best insulator.
Goose down filled duvets warms up quickly by trapping pockets of air.
Goose down regulates your body temperature much better than any
synthetic because of its unique ability to breathe.
Quality Goose Duvets
We use only the finest quality goose down and a 280 thread count pure
cotton down proofing. Goosedown duvets are roughly 3 times lighter
than goose feather duvets and also much lighter than duck down
Our duvets are boxed in small blocks to eliminate any shifting of
down. Our baffle design also allows the down to puff to its fullest
potential, preventing any cold spots from forming. Our goose down
bedding are constructed with double stitching and piping at the edges
making them extremely robust. If properly cared for your goose down
duvet should last a lifetime.
All Seasons Duvet
Our All Seasons duvet range consists of a thin summer down duvet
(4.5Tog) and a thicker autumn down duvet (10.5Tog) which can be used
separately as needed. They can also be clipped together for extremely
cold nights. With this combination you need never be too hot or too
cold again.
Sleep to Dream!
The exquisite sleep experience of a goose down duvet is unparalleled.
It is what dreams are made of!
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