It has been a long time coming...but here it is. Hopefully you swappers have
been collecting dots fabrics, if not, you have a good amount of time to
collect them for our Feb 28th deadline.
Deadline to sign up is October 15th, you can e-mail me at
to join in & to get added to our yahoo group. Some people that have already
expressed an interest have already received an invitation, so if you got
one, be sure to accept it.
All the instructions & rules will be posted on the yahoo group.
Each member will be making bullseye blocks out of all dots fabrics. I will
be cutting the blocks in quarters & distributing them among all the members.
The results will turn into a beautiful bullseye quilt with tons of variety
of dotty fabrics.
This one is sure to be a fun swap!
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For those wanting to participate but don't have a good supply of dots... never fear -- they are easy to find!
Go to
formatting link
and click on ITEM SEARCH -- and type in FABRIC POLKA DOT and you will get back many shops (or thumbnails -- you choose!) --- click on the link and you'll go right to the dotted fabrics they have for sale.
So lack of dots in the stash should not keep you from entering!
Kate in MI
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Kate G.
Hi Bonnie, I replied to this message, yet it never posted. If you are going to do needle turn appliqué, be sure to add the quarter inch...but these will still need to be stitched over with either blanket or tiny zig zag. I have seen this block done "raw edge appliqué" where they leave the edges loose & let them fray. Those block are also stitched in about 1/2" in. I personally feel that when the bullseye block is done that way, it gives me the impression of a sloppy block. Our block will be stitched over the raw edge where there will be much less fraying. Teri
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