Happy Dance! Photo of a 2009 finish

Last Christmas I presented my nearly-one-year-old grandniece with her
very own quilt. She was thrilled, hugging it immediately.
It has sixteen embroidered blocks. Most of the animals are from a set
of 1920s transfers, which I tweaked here and there, giving each animal a
balloon (poor hippo has lost his and the kangaroo's baloon is being held
by her joey) and drawing a couple of new animals. All the fabrics are
20s or 30s reproduction designs with balloons or dots. The back has one
title label (with a pelican) and a "made with love by" and date label,
which shows a very smug alligator with several balloons tied on. Hand
quilted, with the little rectangles echo-quilted and circles in all the
white squares. I'm realy tickled with how it turned out, and I'd love
to have kept it for myself!
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No rest for the wicked, though, because my niece is going to make me a
great aunt again in August!
Monique in sunny but cold Texas
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I really like the way you did the sashing. My mom embroidered a lot of similar quilt blocks that I made into children's quilts for her. I never thought of using the scrappy sashing. She's no longer living, so I won't be doing any more for her and I'd rather quilt than embroider.
Julia in MN
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Julia in MN
As they say in Texas, "Darlin'!" and "Too cute!"
Way to go, Monique!
R/Sandy - enjoying our "sunny but cold"
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Sandy E
Awww! I absolutely love that! I recognize *many* of the fabrics, too. We must have the same taste.
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No wonder she hugged it! It is so sweet. I would love it, too! . In message , monique writes
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How adorable! my mom does alot of baby quilts like this. she uses pics from coloring books and story books. very cute. amy in CNY
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amy in CNY
What child wouldn't love that cute quilt? You did a marvelous job. Will the next one be similar? Donna
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I have some 1930's style Three Bears fabric (shades of blue)on order, so I'm thinking embroidered blocks that tell the story, copying the style of the figures from the print. You know--little house, three bowls of porridge, three chairs, Goldilocks in Baby Bear's bed, etc. I think I'll finish with Goldy and Baby hugging, because I like happy endings. Sash with bear print and solid cornerstones, and there you are. If the baby's a girl, I'll make Goldilocks have lace at the hem of her dress and whatnot.
Monique in damp, cold, just-a-smidge-too-far-south-for-snow Texas
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I can see why you are so thrilled with this quilt! It is just adorable. All of your careful work is very evident. Lucky little grand-niece! :-)
Michelle in Nevada
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Michelle C.
Monique, That animal quilt is absolutely charming and will be a lifelong treasure, I'm sure. I'm Happy Dancing to the song "Talk to the Animals!" I like your ideas for the next baby quilt too. Pat in Virginia
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Pat in Virginia

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