Home form Houston Show!! LONG

Hello!! Well, I went to the Really Big
Quilt Show in Houston! Went on
Wednesday, came home yesterday.
Wednesday night: Show Preview. Vendors
and quilts. Enjoy catching up with
roommates, and running into a few old
friends. Diana was the Quilt Angel in
the Top Ribbons area!
Thursday: Bus Tour to Galveston Area. We
went to three LQS, and one scrap book
shop. Lunch was good. My two roommates
and I had Mexican Dinner at one of our
favorite restaurants.
Friday: two lectures, both oriented
toward design. Those helped me look at
the exhibits with a different point of
view. I spent the short time I had for
lunch looking for the RCTQ Table but
could not find it. That was a
disappointment, but I had to scoot to
the next lecture. I understand I missed
lots of Chocolate!! Boo!
That night, I enjoyed a fabulous RCTQ
get together at an Italian Restaurant,
Josephine's. (I wore my new hat!) There
were 16 of us, some who I knew already,
and some who were visiting Houston for
the first time, including Pati, Barbara,
and Jeanne. Pati brought chocolate. Yea!
On Saturday I was happy to have
breakfast with Sandy F and Judy, who
were staying at my hotel. Sandy and I
went to some vendors together, and we
both got free books at the Pfaff booth.
Later, I met up with my friends Sheryl,
and her DH, who live in another part of
Texas. We hadn't been together since
1999!! I taught Sheryl how to quilt way
back. Sheryl brought me a group of
Western Theme FQ, and I met her sister!
Mostly, it was wonderful to see them again.
Then I joined the RCTQ Bunch. I saw some
'old friends' (Ragmop, Diana, Kellie and
Kids, and more) and finally had a chance
to meet Butterfly!! Yea! We took lots
of photos. The visit was too short ...
it always is!! I didn't even get a
chance to give some farewell hugs. (Pout)
All in all, I saw many, many beautiful
quilts, and a few I didn't especially
like! All were of interest to me, as I
absorbed ideas for color, set, quilting
patterns and so on. Two of the quilts
wearing ribbons were made by friends!
What did I buy? Some Indigo for an Idea
I have! Some FQ of unique color or
design. Several wonderful Dots for
Terbear's Dotty Block Swap! A couple of
gadgets and gifts. The Piece De
Resistance? My Black Urban Cowgirl Hat
.... sparkling all over with Rhinestones!!
I had lots of fun, but I agree with
Dorothy: "There's no place like home."
All for now ... Pat in Virginia
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Pat in Virginia
Pat I enjoyed meeting you. Glad you are around to test out the chocolate to make sure its safe to eat!
Hope to see you again next year.
Barbara in Houston
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Barbara Sherrill
mmmm: lebkuchen
It was wonderful to see you, Pat, even for such a short time.
Searching my bags today I realized I bought almost nothing, some needles and Bohin thimbles. S-i-l picked out the real treasure, those batiks she fell in love with. But just going to SEE everything & everyone was a blast. Of course, Old Town Spring was on the route home
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stopped for lunch and a little shopping (had to spend myQuilt Show Trip allotment). And then up the road in Corsicana (on Hwy.45) is theCollins Street Bakery, home of the world famous fruit cake.
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have lots of goodies, including chocolate brownies,apple cinnamon fruit cake and jalapeño cheese rolls. Oh, yeah, got to empty the wallet,and get ready for the holidays, too. It was a fun trip to & from Houston. Do we get pics of the Cowgirl in the Black Hat?
Welcome home!
Ragmop/Sandy --w/ a rather large, fluffy jackalope from O.T.Spring
On 11/6/06 9:10 AM, in article EfI3h.105951$ snipped-for-privacy@newsfe19.lga, "Pat in
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Sandy Ellison
Sandy, Sandy, Sandy !!!!!!!!!
How dare you!?!?!?!? How could you stop at the Collins Street Bakery and not call to ask if any of the rest of us needed anything on your way home ?!?!?!?! My husband will be devastated!
Oh well, I guess it IS about time to get online and order his annual Collins specialty!
It was SOOO wonderful to meet you and I hope to make it to Dallas in March to spend some time with you there!
Hugs, Tina
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Let's work on getting my younger son to MOVE into his own place and I'll repaint and fix-up the bedroom before March. You're the first face I recognized when we looked for the RCTQ table: instant friends! Yes, it's time y'all came to the Dallas show. The first BIG RCTQ meet-up was there, several years ago; pic here:
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lunch saw 26 of us there, w/ our Ellen's daughtertaking pics of all of us, switching cameras kind of like Nonadid this weekend; we all stay in one spot while the differentcamera click and flash. The fruit cake and apple-cinnamon-pecan cake will stay in the tins until sometime in Dec.. The brownies, tho', aren't going to see Wednesday. And the jalapeño cheese rolls are destined for dinner tonight (salmon needs a little oomph!). Collin S.B. is opening a newer, bigger store near/off I45 this year, but the old bakery will stay open (across the street from H.E.B.). Btw, I thought about y'all when we stopped there. Really, I did. We did NOT stop at the Russell-Stover chocolate outlet in that same neighborhood; no way, not this time. But we know where it is!
All y'all: when you get a chance to get together with other quilters, please do! Never yet heard of a bad meet-up. There are no strangers in the quilting world. ;-)
Ragmop/Sandy--noting that we all carry this Quilter's High for a while... Where's Butterfly?!!?
On 11/6/06 11:48 AM, in article
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Sandy Ellison
Where was the group on Saturday?
Sandi and her mom, Butterfly and her son, my husband and I all looked for the banner for almost an hour.
I did get a picture of us together, but would have loved to meet up with the rest of you.
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Jealous, jealous, jealous. The trip to Pittsburgh was about as we expected -- wonderful to see the dd but no engagement announcement and dd seems unhappy (although she denies it).
I'm glad you all had such a great time.
Elizabeth in Spring, Texas
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Hmmm....obviously there are some exceptions to every rule....and that's all I'm going ot say on that note.
Larisa, aka official shit stirrer since Karlee left
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off kilter quilter
Never saw Cousin Carla or That Damn' Banner, but I saw Tina (Sat.) and Wendy/Frood at a table about 4 tables over from the center eatery doorway, and then saw Pati's RCTQ sign on her bag. We saw Butterfly and her handsome son (she said he was her son ). We (15 or so) were so loud it was hard to miss us. Other quilters stopped to talk, to ask, "Who are you with? Should we be joining your group?" and we said YES and gave them chocolates and Hot Tamales. Sorry we missed y'all. Next year...!
On 11/6/06 4:40 PM, in article
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Sandy Ellison
Hey! I didn't say "there are no strange people" !
Nice thing about a crowd, always more people to meet, get lost in, hide behind, add to the group. ;-D
Did we mention the fabulous quilts? And my shirt was a hit, much admired-- I felt so quilty!
Cheers! Ragmop/Sandy
On 11/6/06 5:30 PM, in article
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Sandy Ellison
I'm here. Just too tired to type much. Came home to find DH was in ER! Very late night but he's ok. He will be having surgery as soon as he gets an all clear on a diff problem---probably by the end of this year if at all possible. Thoroughly enjoyed the trip but I'll write on that tomorrow.
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LOL I'm really going to try to make it either next year or the year after, so hopefully I can meet the semi-sane people that I chat with regularly :-)
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off kilter quilter
Sounds like a lovely, lovely time was had by all...... someday I'm going to go to that show - someday!!
Patti in Seattle
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Patti S
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I'm sorry I didn't get to see Butterfly, but I'm delighted to have run into you, Kellie! We missed you at Josephine's.
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Sandy Foster
and i really missed being there! DH was just too sick to go and my headache was too bad to drive all that way at night. Hard to see driving at night w/o adding in a headache! One of these years soon i am just gonna take a "vacation" and book a room next to y'all and do it the right way!
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Kellie J. Berger

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